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Our mission is to encourage all persons of all ages, but especially children and teenagers, to engage

and participate in a sport of their own choosing, leading to a healthy and fulfilling life through Sport




What kind of Sports are there?

by StarSport 


There are many types of Sports and most are covered by the Olympic Sports & Disciplines and the Non-Olympic Sports & Disciplines. Of course they are too numerous to detail here, so we will limit ourselves to those sports the majority of people can associate with and perhaps a few others, which are not so wellknown. Nevetheless we suggest you have a look at these websites at your leisure and we think you might be surprised and intrigued by the kind of Sports people get involved in.


Why Sport is Good for Your Health!

by StarSport


We are continually being challenged by ads, government agencies, stories and medical practitioners about how engaging in sports is good for our health.

This begs the question why exactly this would be so? StarSport will attempt to answer this question as clearly as possible.

Overweight and Obesity are a serious problem in Western societies in particular, with obesity having more than doubled in children and trebled in adolescents during the past 30 years. This reflects a caloric imbalance, which is the result of a combination of a number of genetic, behavioural and environmental factors potentially leading to all sorts of medical problems, such as cardio-vascular risks resulting from high cholestoral or blood pressure, diabetes, bone & joint deformation, sleep apnea and more, as well as social and psychological problems.

The frightening thing is that obese children and adolescents are likely to be obese as adults and are therefore at risk of adult type health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes, several types of cancer, osteoarthritis and more.

In principle these problems find their origin in

and both elements are influenced by the many sectors and influences of society, including families, communities, schools, child care providers, medical profession, media, churches and other faith-based institutions, government agencies and the food and beverage- as well as entertainment industries. Of course a continuation of the present state of affairs will also have economic consequences down the road, for instance in the way of

  • increased levels of sick leave and absenteeism, resulting in decreasing levels of productivity
  • substantial increases in the cost of medical care


So, what to do about it!

Whilst society as a whole is reponsible to ensure that the next generations grow up in a manner enabling them to become fit and productive citizens, the most influence to achieve this is likely to come from families and schools - families ensuring that good lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating, sleeping, and adequate activity levels are maintained at home and schools being committed to actively engage in, stimulate and supervise appropriate physical excercise periods for all students, as well as providing guidance to students about the long-term effects overweight and obesity have on health and general well-being.


Here is why engaging in Sports is beneficial to each and every one of us.




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Conclusion:           Sport = Health = Life

Every person from any age group, gender and walk of life can improve their health and benefit from engaging in any sport of their own choosing at a level or pace to suit their individual ability and circumstance.

Children have dreams, hopes and idols and we would encourage parents, family, teachers etc. to expose children to sports venues at every possible opportunity for reasons outlined on this page.

Would it not be pure pleasure if someone in your family or circle of friends or acquaintances achieved the pinnacle of their sporting ability? But let us always remember that where there is a winnner, there are others who did not win.


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Sports Can Help You Lose Weight

by StarSport

While extreme diets can sometimes achieve dramatic weight loss, it will prove almost impossible to maintain a healthy weightlevel once you begin eating normally again. Combining a healthy diet with exercise is the only way to lose weight and to keep it off, as it will burn the calories you consume.


Sports Can Help Manage Stress

by StarSport

Health professionals often recommend exercise as a stress management tool and one exercise session can produce a feeling of relaxation lasting for up to two hours. Many people do not enjoy working out in a gym and lose interest after a while, so the discipline is not maintained. Engaging in a sport you enjoy will help to ensure that you keep it up and maintain your stress management at a comfortable level.


Sports Can Help You Avoid Disease

by StarSport 

According to medical sources exercise may slow down the effects of aging and help ward off dementia-like illnesses.  They also suggest that exercise can have the effect of increasing good cholesterol, while decreasing bad cholesterol, and can therefore help to avoid diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. High-impact and strenuous sports such as tennis, squash, badminton, rowing, circuit training and running can help you avoid osteoporosis.



Sports Can Improve Your Sex Life

by StarSport

When you are carrying excess weight and feeling unfit, having sex can be less inviting to your partner and sometimes a chore. By engaging in regular sports you will increase your energy levels and physical flexibility, turning having sex into a more enjoyable pastime once again. The Mayo Clinic suggests exercise acts as a sexual stimulant for women, while reducing the likelihood of men developing erectile dysfunction.




Sports Can Make You Look and Feel Better 

by StarSport

Sports tend to activate our body to produce serotonin, which makes us feel good and really energetic. Engaging in sport to maintain a healthy weight and stave off dilapidating physical conditions and diseases will therefore also help you look bright and feel great. You are likely to live a longer and healthier life with fewer problems than people who do not engage in sports.

The benefits of sports can be enjoyed at any stage of life, however if you have any underlying medical condition, or are elderly, it is advisable to consult a physician before engaging in new strenuous activities.



Sports Can Help Develop Life Skills in Children

by StarSport

Children who participate in sports receive an opportunity to learn many skills, which will benefit them as they grow up as well as in adult life, as they learn first-hand how to cope with issues that we deal with as adults.

Sport is about hard work, team spirit, good sportsmanship and endurance, all of which are valuable attributes for children to be exposed to.

Through sports children receive valuable lessons on how to interact with other people, whilst having healthy fun, and grow into becoming valued members of a community.


Why are these attributes so worthwhile?


Sports Encourages The Hard Work Ethic

by StarSport

Taking part in sports requires dedication and a great deal of effort and by joining a sport, children come to realize that, in order to achieve their goals, they need to be focused, dedicated and work hard to get there. By fostering the value of challenging goal setting, children also learn that things in life do not always come easily and anything that is hard to achieve yields terrific satisfaction when it is achieved.


Sports Highlight The Importance of Teamwork

by StarSport

At any stage in life, possessing good communication skills and learning how to function in and participate as a member of a team is important. If children do not learn how to get along and work effectively with others, this will impact on them throughout their future social- and working lives. It  is essential to illuminate competitiveness, fairness and  team spirit at an early age to help develop the foundation of future achievement. Children who learn how to take joy out of times of success and accept sorrow in times of failure, learn a valuable life lesson. Sports help children to become more complete and balanced individuals and to become valued and respected members of their sporting fraternity, as well as society as a whole.





Sports Cultivate Social Skills

by StarSport

Working with others gives children the chance to build and refine their social skills. Not only are they participating in a team environment, but their interaction with others, while playing sports, encourages them to grow their interpersonal skills too. Sports is not the only forum where children can learn these valuable life skills, but it is a good place to get exposed to them in the company of their peers. Parents of course can expose their children to these skills as well through care, teaching and interacting with them or enrolling them in various activities, but sports provide those rare situations to gain early exposure to how to deal with real world situations, whilst having fun.

The manual on how to run a summer camp


Childhood is a time of enjoyment, fun and learning, and participation in sports is a good and healthy way to achieve all of it. Summer camps are of course an ideal way as well for children to develop inter-personal and social skills in particular and for those persons, either involved in running summer camps or thinking about doing so, we suggest you get this very reasonably priced manual, which will help to make it a pleasant and succesful experience.




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